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Mass and Consumption Business

In the mass and consumption business, Changhong IT has gained powerful operation capability in mass products through many years of experience. By virtue of professional solutions, it helps manufacturers push their products to the market rapidly.

The company deeply grasps market and customer demands, builds channel systems covering the whole country and possesses tens of thousands of core agents. By keeping stable and long-term cooperation with product suppliers and core agents, Changhong IT fully ensures benefits for all parties in the supply chain, forms a sound distribution system and provides good service assurances by relying on perfect after-sales service and advanced and speedy logistics operations.

The mass and consumption business covers dozens of product lines including computers, mobile phones, servers, peripherals, intelligent office equipment, smart home appliances and peripheral products.

Changhong IT has established cooperative relationships with many companies including Lenovo, Dell, Apple, HP, Dingding, Breo, Anker, Fujifilm, Bose, DJi, HTC, HARMAN, Sensetime, Acer, Sony, Razer, Philips, ezviz, Taidu, Cheetah Mobile, Babel technology, O-KEY, i.am+, Flydigi and Yingding Education. It has become their general agency in China.

Changhong IT organically combines agent products through portfolio marketing modes, meets users’ demands at different levels.

Changhong IT built and improved the Internet business-to-business marketing platform, explored and built business models based internet distribution. We grow together with our partners and achieve a win-win situation.