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Supporting the frontline is of great urgency -- Changhong IT connects partners to fight the “epidemic

The hearts of 1.4 billion Chinese are affected by the unexpected virus outbreak and the preventive war against the epidemic has fully started. The whole nation is united with a single will at this critical moment, Changhong IT keeps its original aspiration in mind and tries its best to be a good connector among manufacturers, agents as well as partners, and has offered strong support to  our fighters at the anti-epidemic front line.

The epidemic is command, while time is life. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Changhong IT has taken full advantage of its strong platform operations and management advances to gather the strength of manufacturers and agents in one place and has guaranteed the normal operations of the business as well as timely support on services. Facing urgent needs under the situation, from front-line sales to team leaders and platform support department of Changhong IT, all sides have coordinated, communicated and responded promptly. With efforts united tightly, they have helped their partners on meeting the needs of customers from the front-line of the anti-epidemic efforts and provides timely yet comprehensive ICT service s to those in need.

Racing against time, missions to be accomplished!

On January 30, in order to fight against the epidemic, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center expressed to Changhong IT the urgent needs for switchboards and other equipment and required all to be put into operation no later than February 7. The warehouse of the equipment in the park was prohibited to enter and leave due to the epidemic. With the premise that the epidemic-prevention arrangements of governments at all levels are under careful implementation, Changhong IT cooperated with the logistics partners to communicate with the management committee of the warehouse park and has guaranteed the emergency response to the epidemic-prevention equipment. Under situations where the highway and express-delivery systems were all made impossible, we successfully eliminated all difficulties and arranged in-time air transportation to deliver the equipment to our customers in advance at noon on February 2, which was 5 days faster than the original requirement!

On February 2, Avaya together with several partners including Changhong IT, donated the remote inspection system to Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital. Changhong IT responded positively and donated equipment accordingly, in the meantime, relative transportation and deployment were under proper arrangement. However, the transportation system encountered a series of barriers due to the closure of Wuhan city, the equipment s’ containing batteries and other reasons, many railway stations were unable to deliver. Rushing to the rescue, Wuhan permitted no delays! After searching for resources from all sides, Changhong IT urgently contacted their logistics partners and came up with the plan to ensure equipment delivery using private cars. After driving for more than 100 kilometers from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, it completed the consignment at Guangzhou railway station. After all these efforts, the equipment finally arrived at Leishenshan Hospital at noon on February 5.


 Coordinating with partners, special means for special things!

On February 5, the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital was in urgent need of an uninterrupted power supply equipment during the second phase of its project to prevent the epidemic. Facing the severe epidemic situation and tight project construction cycle, Changhong IT attached great importance to the demands from manufacturers. We made a quick response and simplified procedures. Together with the manufacturers, we successfully mobilized forces and integrated transportation resources like a “relay race" and guaranteed the hospital’s needs for certain equipment.

Also on February 5, the Pudong Health Commission was in urgent need of six servers to fight the epidemic, while at that time the agents had not yet returned to their posts. After receiving the agent's demand, Changhong IT decided that special means for special things and took epidemic-fighting as the first priority. We simplified the process and procedures required, cooperated actively with agents to make up the equipment needed, while at the same time deploying the goods in a quick way. Finally, the needs of customers were met and the normal operations of the front-line epidemic prevention and control work were guaranteed.

 Be of one heart with partners to fight the epidemic together!

For a long time, Changhong IT remains a good partner to help growth and support success. Under circumstances of the epidemic, we keep a close eye on our channel partners’ real-time situation. On February 2nd, the emergent adjustment policy for overdue receivable penalties was issued by Changhong IT in time for its channel partners who have been affected by the epidemic. Such measures had provided thoughtful help to the partners in the epidemic area, speaking with practical action, Changhong IT had sent timely warmth and strong support to its channel partners.

What has been separated by the epidemic is physical space, but instead our hearts have become closer. We believe that with our strength united, we will win the war of fighting the epidemic! Changhong IT will do its best to help partners, offer support to partners, bring warmth to areas influenced by the epidemic and cheer loudly for China. We are always there for all the needs arising from fighting the epidemic!