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News highlights of Changhong IT (November-December)

Since December 2019, Changhong IT has held the 12th "Good Partner of Changhong IT" meeting in 11 cities across the country. During the meeting, the annual strategy was released, new analyses on the industry trends were made. Besides, the manufacturers got a chance to share different thoughts and ecological partners from all sides shared their time to exchange thoughts, communicate, integrate and collide with each other. In addition, Changhong IT has bonded connections with many vendors and partners to hold seminars in various places, adhering to the principle that focus on network, cloud and intelligence to help partners with the overall layout of 2020 event in advance. At the same time, Changhong IT continues to offer their partners with comprehensive and high-quality ICT services, and perform well in its role as a connector and has won a series of awards. Now, let's have a look at the events that have happened in Changhong IT during November and December!

 Building platforms

01、Changhong IT held "Good Partners of Changhong IT" appreciation meetings in 11 places in China

Since December 3, the 12th "Good Partners of Changhong IT" appreciation meetings have been held in 11 cities, including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi 'an, Jinan and Fuzhou. It had "Focus on Network, Cloud, Intelligence, Make Contributions as Good Partner" as the main theme, aiming to provide partners with excellent and comprehensive ICT services, and to be a good connector between manufacturers and channel partners. At the banquet, friends from all fields all drank together happily, while at the same time they enjoyed the amazing performances and received different gifts.

02、Changhong IT's new B2B distribution platform "Jiahuaduola" is launched in Shanxi and Jiangsu

On December 26, Changhong IT’s new B2B distribution platform "Jiahuaduola" was extended to Shanxi and Jiangsu. In recent years, the development of technology has brought great changes to the distribution industry. Changhong IT actively innovates and upgrades its business model and basic distribution business, and has built its vertical e-commerce distribution platform named Jiahuaduola, which has been gradually promoted to the whole country. We hope that more and more good partners can become platform users. Together with Changhong IT, let's take the lead in the industrial revolution empowered by Internet technology.

Connecting partners

03、Changhong IT and Hitachi Vantara jointly held the "Seminar on the Development Trends of the New-generation Data Centers".

On November 21, Changhong IT held the "Seminar on the Development Trends of the New-generation Data Centers" with Hitachi Vantara in Yichang, Hubei province, aiming to help channel partners to build an agile data infrastructure for customers, reduce the cost of data centers, and empower enterprises’ digital transformation. During the conference, they also shared channel policies and cases, while encouraging partners to actively explore the value of data.

04、Changhong IT and Avaya jointly held “Blueprints for an Intelligent Future”, Avaya Solutions for SMEs exhibition tour in Chengdu

On November 26, Changhong IT and Avaya jointly held an exhibition tour in Chengdu with “Blueprints for an Intelligent Future” as its theme, aiming to provide solutions for SMEs. This conference introduced the latest channel policies, applications and solutions of IP Office R11 version to the partners. In the meantime, they also launched a full series of Avaya Open SIP products. Changhong IT and Avaya will work together to help users of SMEs to achieve digital transformation, improve customer experience and create a win-win future.

05、Changhong IT held the seminar on data solutions with Veritas

On November 28, Changhong IT and Veritas jointly organized the seminar on the subject of “Truth in The Simplest Way — Data Solutions of Veritas.” Topics like the new trends of future digital transformation of enterprises and the application of Veritas in the industry are discussed in the seminar. The seminar also brought the multi-cloud data service platform to partners, enabling the digital transformation of enterprises, and preparing enterprises adequately to deal with the challenges of data management in the wave of digital transformation.

06、Changhong IT held the meeting for "channel partners of selling Inspur-Cisco products" together with Inspur-Cisco Network.

On January 29, Changhong IT and Inspur-Cisco Network held the meeting for "channel partners of selling Inspur-Cisco products", the two companies introduced their business as well as business models, respectively, and shared Inspur-Cisco Network’s current products, solutions and industry dynamics, which had offered a good opportunity for customers to know better about Inspur-Cisco’s network products, services and channel policies.

07、Changhong IT and Extreme Network held the meeting of “2019 Extreme CloudNOW.”

On December 10, Changhong IT held the "2019 Extreme CloudNOW" meeting together with Extreme Network. At the meeting, Extreme’s global technical director introduced Extreme Cloud™IQ, a new generation of enterprise network management solutions that leverage third generation cloud technology, ML and artificial intelligence (AI), providing IT administrators with automation, insights and guarantees from the edge to the data center. As a connector, Changhong IT will cooperate with Extreme to provide its vast users with the best practice on information security management system, empowering the digital transformation of enterprises.

08、Changhong IT offers support to Lenovo NetApp’s INSIGHT CHINA 2019 Technology Conference

On December 12, Lenovo NetApp’s INSIGHT CHINA 2019 Technology Conference was held at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai. Changhong IT, as the partner of Lenovo NetApp and the sponsor of the conference, was invited to the conference with a booth established inside to discuss the future of data with professionals from related fields. Meanwhile, Changhong IT also invited a number of channel partners to the conference, acting as a good connector between the manufacturers and channel partners to establish a communication relationship between the two sides.

09、Changhong IT held the AIoT + 5G Multi-industry Application Solutions Seminar

On December 18, Changhong IT, Thundersoft, and Hitachi Vantara held the “AIoT + 5 G Multiple Industry Application Solutions Seminar” at the Central Hotel in Nanjing. The seminar discussed in depth the development trend of the application of the Internet of things, the situation of actual applications, the challenges and the overall solutions concerning perspectives like 5 G, AIoT, big data solutions to help channel partners better deal with the challenges on the layout of IoT.

Changhong IT has won a series of awards

10、Changhong IT won the Excellent Cooperation Award of the Lenovo R-mode channel

In November, Changhong IT was given the "Lenovo R-mode Channel Excellent Cooperation Award" on the related conference. The efficient operations of Changhong IT guarantee the effective operation between its daily undertakings and channel management. Meanwhile, Changhong IT outperformed the R-mode quarterly signing task on the basis of an excellent capital turnover. As a result, the channel profits were guaranteed despite the competitive market environment and Changhong IT has won broad acknowledgment from its partners.

11、Changhong IT wins the Avaya Art of Experience Award

On November 12, Avaya Engage 2019 was held in Dubai. Changhong IT was invited to participate in the summit and was presented with the Art of Experience Award - International by Avaya for its rich experience in construction and technical implementation. As the general agent of Avaya in China, Changhong IT always pays much attention to the changes in channel customers’ demands and explores actively the application and development of new technologies in the industry, guiding partners to take advantage of Avaya's innovative technologies and solutions to achieve business innovation and digital transformation.

12、Changhong IT's Duolayouhuo won the honorary title of “2019 Outstanding E-commerce Enterprise in Sichuan"

On December 19, Sichuan Changhong IT ’s Duolayouhuo E-commerce Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the "2019 Sichuan E-commerce Innovation and Development Summit and Sichuan E-commerce Annual Conference" and was bestowed the honorary title of "2019 Outstanding E-commerce Enterprise in Sichuan." In recent years, the development of technology has brought great changes to the distribution industry. Changhong IT has actively explored Internet distribution, established the website of Duolayouhuo and has built a new distribution model to provide partners with more efficient and excellent ICT services.

Digging deep on channels

13、Changhong IT and Avaya as participants in the 2019 Modern Office Industry Annual Conference

From November 28 to 30, the 2019 Modern Office Industry Annual Conference was successfully hosted at the international expo city of western Chengdu. Manufacturers, dealers, association members and news media from all parts of the country joined together in the conference. As exhibitors of audio and video systems, Changhong IT and Avaya presented various intelligent terminal products, such as Avaya Open SIP and IP Office R11, aiming to help enterprises to upgrade their modern offices, to provide a high-quality platform for local channels and users to learn new products and solutions and to establish a good foundation for channel partners when exploring new markets.