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ChanghongIT Launches the New B2B Distribution Platform Jiahuaduola to Explore New Business Models in the Internet Distribution Channel

Introduction: With the development of technology in the new era, new consumer scenarios emerge one after another, the fragmented, hierarchical and supply chain-oriented traditional business model in China can no longer meet the needs of brands, distributors and end dealers; on the other hand, over the years, problems like mismatched supply and marketing information and slow capital flow have plagued many enterprises in the IT and communications distribution industries. Therefore, it’s imperative to build an Internet+ platform to open up multi-level channels and improve supply chain efficiency.

 In order to help the ecosystem partners to directly attack their pain points and solve the problems, ChanghongIT launched the new B2B distribution platform ‘Jiahuaduola’ after several years of research and development and accumulation.

 Joins hands with partners to build the platform

On September 16, 2019, ChanghongIT held the ‘Joins hands with partners to create business opportunities and grow together - Jiahuaduola Platform Launching Ceremony’. Zhu Jianqiu, President/Managing Director at ChanghongIT and other leaders attended the launching ceremony and cut the ribbon. The buyer and seller of the first transaction order on the day, respectively, won the ‘Star of the First Customer’ and ‘Star of the First Seller’ trophies and certificates issued by the platform.


As a new comprehensive ICT service provider, ChanghongIT has been concerned about the dynamics of the ecosystem partners. While maintaining their traditional business advantages, it seeks innovation and upgrading to keep up with the times and continue to explore and build a new business model. Adhering to the philosophy of ‘being the partner to help grow and support success’, it gathers a large number of brands, distributors and dealers, to launch the Jiahuaduolai platform and is committed to developing it as an omni-channel ICT vertical e-commerce distribution platform. The official launch of Jiahuaduola is an important step by ChanghongIT in its exploration of a new business model of the Internet distribution channel.


Assist partners to create business opportunities

The Jiahuaduola platform hits it right on the industry's pain points, using Internet technology to connect the three specific groups of ICT industry, that is, the distributors, dealers and manufacturers, providing secure transaction payment, interactive mechanisms and featured marketing system services. Based on the integration of supply and marketing information flow, it optimizes the supply chain, allow data to precipitate and generate aggregated transactions, to help brands, distributors and dealers transform into the Internet+ and new retail model. It strives to create a new channel ecology to make ICT business easier.

 For sellers on the platform, Jiahuaduola has a large amount of order information, which can help them expand offline sales channels. Sellers can also enjoy a one-stop experience that includes product listing, online payment, online reconciliation, etc., to fully realize the deep integrated experience of transparent transactions, process automation and data authenticity; at the same time, with the extensibility and convenience of the Internet, the platform can closely connect the transaction scenarios of sellers and buyers, with support from manufacturers, sales channels and terminals it can effectively shorten the supply chain, speed up inventory turnover and enhance turnover efficiency, ensuring a leading competitive advantage. In addition, the platform also accurately market and promote sellers' products through precision marketing methods such as red envelope pool, store quota, general red envelope and exclusive red envelope. Through the aggregation of marketing tools, such as limited time sale and add-on purchase (crowdfunding, group buying), it can generate a fission-style promotion effect.

 For buyers, Jiahuaduola can help them build upstream supply channels, access high-quality resources, reduce their stocking costs, thereby improving their quality of management and enhancing their core competitiveness; at the same time, the platform will recommend qualified merchants to financial services institutions, and financial institutions will provide them with credit line, which will alleviate their financial pressure, reduce capital occupation and capital costs. The platform's secure trading mechanism can also effectively solve integrity issues in transactions between unfamiliar merchants.

 Even for brands that have not opened a store on Jiahuaduola, it can still help them to achieve channel sinking and form a data-driven intelligent distribution supply chain; data assets precipitated through the platform can also provide data support for the brand's marketing analysis; the platform adopts cross-regional price screening method to effectively control market resources, protect the brand's regional prices and policies, and prevent the occurrence of vicious fleeing goods. The platform also regularly organizes special meetings, after-sales service guidance and other special marketing activities. It seeks to build an eco-aggregation platform for brands and channels to help brand owners understand market trends in a timely manner.

 Connect partners to grow together

Currently, the business scope of Jiahuaduola platform covers communications products, machine/DIY, digital products, peripherals/accessories, office/supplies, network equipment, intelligent goods, security monitoring and many other fields. In order to promote the platform and lay a solid foundation for the business development in the future, ChanghongIT has held promotional meetings in Jinan, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other cities. At these meetings, it explained to the partners the platform advantages, business model, the core issues and explored the development prospects of the industry and the future of the platform, actively communicated, shared, exchanged and explored with partners in the ecosystem, with the goal of making Jiahuaduola a bridge between partners. Next, the promotion meetings will be held in Shenyang, Hefei, Wuhan and other cities, please stay tuned.